Nurses Benefit Lawsuit

A class action lawsuit has been filed for terminated employees of the LSU and Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals due to privatization of the state run hospital facilities.

The lawsuit filed in the 14th Judicial District Court, Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana seeks recovery of unpaid annual leave and sick leave accumulated by the claimants, together with penalties, legal interest, attorney fees and court costs.  Beginning in 2012, about 5,800 employees were terminated by the State of Louisiana from state medical facilities when the operation of these facilities was transferred from state control to private operators.  The lawsuit is entitled "John Sons, et al vs. State of Louisiana, et al;  Number 2015-3948, Division "D"; 14th Judicial District Court, Parish of Calcasieu, Louisiana.

The annual leave and sick leave days represent time earned by terminated employees that had it been taken while employed would have been with pay.  In many cases, the unused annual leave and sick leave value to each former employee represents a substantial amount of money because the annual leave and sick leave hours could be accumulated from year to year.

If you or a loved one were a terminated employee due to privatization of state run hospital facilities and were not paid for accumulated annual leave and sick leave and would like to join this lawsuit, fill out our Contact Us section.  You will be contacted by one of our legal assistants to have one of our attorneys confidentially evaluate your possible case.